Barcelona!!! It was the first time that we met...

Off on a stag do this weekend, so prob gonna miss my sat run, though will try to do my Sun one when I get back (state of head dependent!).

I'm contemplating taking my running gear anyway, as I have a habit of waking up hours before others, so might be able to clock a few extra miles. The jury is still out on that one though...

Been plodding along nicely, though still got occasional niggles in my leg which I'm keeping an eye on.

Sent a message to member of my facebook group to remind them where their wallets are:

Friends, romans, random internet people...

Tomorrow marks the one month countdown to my 26.2 mile hellish experience, and, quite frankly, I'm a little disappointed in you...

Some of you have been good enough to dig into your wallets/purses/bum bags/orifices to make a generous donation at
slondon. For this, you have my thanks, and the promise of eternals salvation for your otherwise tainted soul.

The rest of you, however, shall be cast headfirst into a pit of horrible things like the contents of the multiple blisters I have suffered, or piles of toenails, prematurely ripped from their podiatric home.

You can save yourself by visiting and absolving yourself of these, and all past, present and future sins, by donating whatever you can afford.

Obviously, if you donate more than other people, that makes you a better person than them, so feel free to try to outbid others!

So, visit, donate loads, and be a better person than everyone else you know!

Peace and love,

Reckon they got the idea where to donate?

Got another £30 from that so far - it all helps!

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