Bloody toe...


Think I may have ripped it off a bit more than I thought. Will strap the bugger up next time!

Not being stopped by something as nonsensical as a toe! What does it think it is? A leg? A heart? An elbow?

Stat porn

Ok, had web thingy online for a week now so thought I'd check you my stat porn for my main site Phil Runs London (as opposed to this blog Phil runs London - confused?!).

All these are only for the home page as I couldn't be arsed to embed the code everywhere. I was probably knackered from running. What do you want from me?!

Page loads: 76 (hmmm)
Unique visitors: 46 (???)
Returning: 17 (wtf)
Funds raised online: £110
Funds raised offline: £120

So only 46 people could muster up the energy to click a link I sent directly to you? Was that too challenging? Did you think it was porn or something and alarms would start ringing at work and you'd be fired and left destitute on the street?

And only 17 people bothered to come back - and I guess one of them is me!

This is a highly informative site, updated regularly via a feed to this blog. I spend at least 2 minutes of my day doing this. It'd be nice if you spent all of 30 seconds to skim what was happening. It's not like you're doing anything at work anyway!

As for the money, it's a good start, and a massive thanks to you who've put their hands in their pockets. To the rest of you, I'll put it down to it being Christmas and you're all a bit brassic. But come pay day, you'd better get your wallets/purses/hollowed-out reindeer tongues out and donate.

Peace out.

Chilly Philly

Going to have a bit of a change tonight and try a well-lit just shy of five-miler. Will be nice to be able to see where I'm going, and it's a different part of the world to explore.

Who knows what joys Weybridge has in store for me?! Perhaps some super-rich local will take pity on me and give me oodles of cash for Asthma UK.

Or, more likely, I'll be dodging Chelsea tractors and Bentleys!

Whatever happens, I'm sure it'll be freezing to start with. It was -3 when I left home this morning, so I reckon it might be around 0 when I get out tonight.

Oh for an alternative to shorts!

I hope this gets easier...

So, my 4 miler is over.

Not the most fun I've ever had with my clothes on, I have to say. Contrary to what I thought, the streetlights up there are crap.

The path is muddy as hell.

I nearly fell in the river on the way back as I couldn't see the narrow path I was on a cars headlights were coming at me.

When there wasn't any path I had to keep jumping out of the way of idiot cars who wouldn't move over (no traffic coming other way).

Then got home, stretched out and went to get a shower. I then realised that the twinge in my toe wasn't just in my head, as these pics show.

Also some good blistering going on. Awesome.

Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be...

...freezing my nuts off!

Got a 4 miler planned for tonight.

It's a nice riverside run up to Laleham park and back. Bit breezy next to the Thames, and you run out of footpath at some point, but still better than traipsing on a busy road.

Will try to get some pics up here afterwards, but as it's dark and I'll be running solo, I imagine they'll be of a somewhat lame quality!

Not the best start...

Only had my place for a few days and the training's already slipping!

Went up to Yorkshire for the weekend and took running stuff ready to train in the brisk northern air.

Sadly, I forgot my trainers*, so that didn't go well. Now need to make it up this week.

Will hopefully be out on Mon, Tues, Weds, poss Thurs before a big one on Fri and Sun.

*This may or may not be linked to my not getting in until 2.30am on Friday morning...

Two and a third miles down...

...squillions to go!

Did a run last night - only acheing a bit, as opposed to the loads I was expecting! Result!

Here's what I did

Ideally I'd like to embed this in the post, but my brains not plugged in yet and can't be bothered to tinker with html

The letter

So it wasn't a terrible dream. I got home last night to find the letter from Asthma UK. They've offered me a place, and after calling them today, they're sending me the pack of stuff I need to know how to run 26.2 miles.

I imagine the ability to run is on there somewhere, so I could be in trouble!

The Call

Ok, I've had the call I was secretly hoping would never come. Kim from Asthma UK called to say they want me on the team for the Flora London Marathon.


Do you know how long a marathon is?!?

Apparently they've sent me a letter with more info in it that I need to get back to them, then I'm in.