I hope this gets easier...

So, my 4 miler is over.

Not the most fun I've ever had with my clothes on, I have to say. Contrary to what I thought, the streetlights up there are crap.

The path is muddy as hell.

I nearly fell in the river on the way back as I couldn't see the narrow path I was on a cars headlights were coming at me.

When there wasn't any path I had to keep jumping out of the way of idiot cars who wouldn't move over (no traffic coming other way).

Then got home, stretched out and went to get a shower. I then realised that the twinge in my toe wasn't just in my head, as these pics show.

Also some good blistering going on. Awesome.


  1. MMMMMM, lovely......Running socks??

  2. @Ben
    Methinks so - plus some better trainers!