I'm not dead...

...just resting!

I made it! I'm alive (sort of!)

I wasn't beaten by a rhino!

Was probably the most stupid thing I've ever done in my life.

The first 16/17 miles or so were fine, then I felt my knees going a bit wonky so tried to stretch out my calves so there was less tension and then could hardly walk on them. It was like the joint was made of broken glass.

Unsurprisingly, my pace fell off a bit after that!

I started off at a very comfortable 9.45 minute miles at the start, which was when I was stuck in crowds conserving my energy, then a toilet stop slowed me right down (as did another around 10 miles), but by the end I was averageing just under 15 minute miles, which is abysmal!

So finished in just over 5 hours. Someone said I was actually under 5, which I was chuffed to bits with bearing in mind my knee hadn't let me run more than a mile and a hlaf in last couple of weeks. Then got it confirmed at over 5 and I've got a bit down.

No idea why, I made it round, whcich was all I ever wanted to do!

And given how cold and wet it was, and painful in the hail, I guess I should be feeling proud. Just odn't think I'm genetically programmed for that!

On the plus side, there's been a good flurry of sponsors over the last few days so I've easily hit the target of £1,500 Asthma UK wanted. I was just hoping for nearer £2,000 which could still be doable once I've got all the different forms from all over the country in.

Need to go sit down somewhere comfortable for a bit now, but will update more later.

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