A journey of 26.2 miles begins...

...with several steps.

Got back in the training tonight with a three-miler. Was meant to be four, but if there was one thing I learned last time, it was that when it hurts, don't push it.

The dodgy left knee started to twitch, and the back of my right thing felt a bit odd, so got to a spot I knew was one-and-a-half miles away and turned round.

Wasn't brilliant, but wasn't too bad.

Tried attacking a hill, which sounds awesome, but actually means just running at it flat out. Apparently that helps with speed and gets you working all your legs properly.

B***** me, it was hard!

Got home, stretched out, showered, had some lovely macaroni cheese and can feel the beginning of the oh-so familiar aching calves.

Three down...

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