I love it when a plan comes together...

Being bed-ridden is annoying, but, it turns out, it has it's advantages.

After having plans that frankly went tits up, then having new ones, which injury/illness have scuppered, I've now put together the plan to get me round this puppy.

If you've been following my mini-series Marathon Training for Simpletons about the building blocks of training, you'll see that the elements mentioned are all in here.

It kicks off from Monday, and neatly dovetails into my unpublished one, that I've fallen behind on this week.

It's essentially broken down into four periods which have a specific objective.
  • From now until 9 weeks out, it's all about building up endurance;
  • weeks 8 to 6 are endurance and lactate threshold training;
  • weeks 5 to 3 it's all about race preparation; and
  • 2 weeks out until the day, it's nothing but tapering and racing.
There's an important one I've missed out there, and it's recovery, but I don't think you're very interested in that, but it's crucial if I ever want to walk again!