It's lonely on the road...

It might be true that the London Marathon involves tens of thousands of people schlepping through the streets of the capital in a massive throng, but what you don't see on the tv from the comfort of your nice warm duvet on a Sunday morning, is that the training itself is pretty lonely.

Hundreds of miles of plodding along quiet roads can sound appealing - especially to someone like me who doesn't like people generally - but for months on end, it can be pretty soul destroying.

This is more noticeable for me this time, as unlike last year, I am doing this on my own. Last time I had a friend also giving it a stab, so there was someone to bounce off, to keep it interesting.

Not so this year, it's just me, my now-flagging w910i and the road.

This just dawned on me as I saw an article on the Guardian website offering the chance for some lucky person to have the use of a personal trainer to help prepare them for the marathon.
"Sam Murphy, will work with you over three intensive sessions in early February, March and April. She will improve your technique, teach you drills, set goals and create a personalised training programme for you. Ideally you will already have started your training, but Sam will help you take it to the next level."
I didn't think it possible to imagine another level to the horror that is training, but adding in a Mr Motivator-esque trainer to the equation certainly seems to do the job.

Then I got thinking.

Dangerous, I know.

Having someone to hold you to account on yuor training, offereing helpful advice, and being on the end of the email to answer questions, might be actually quite useful.

So I've whizzed an email off to see what happens, I doubt anything will, but the universe has some form in this area, so it might seek to punish me again.