Must be ill - I've been forward thinking

I'm still holed up at home, hiding under the duvet when I'm freezing, then throwing it off when I start to fry. It's safe to say, I'm not having fun.

To keep me sane (now have freeview in the bedroom, but it's still a bit pants) I've been constructively working on finishing my ultra-scientific, and thoroughly researched* Marathon Training for Simpletons mini-series.

I've scheduled these to come out over the next few days, before unveiling my now complete training plan. Isn't that clever of me?

It's taken ages as I keep falling asleep midway through a post, so if they're no good, that's why! Nothing to do with the quality of my writing generally.

I've got to feel better tomorrow as I think otherwise I'm gonna explode with boredom.

* This may or may not be true