Best shops for running gear?

Let's be honest, my entire marathon attempt is a bit of a low-budget affair.

I've bought cheap trainers, told you to work out what type of foot you have by standing in a puddle and recommended strapping a giant marker to your head , as low cost options to the scientific stuff proper athletes use.

I'm not ashamed of that – I firmly believe anyone training to do the marathon already is probably suffering enough, and they shouldn't be out of pocket for doing it as many are running to raise money for brilliant causes close to their heart.

So, when I defended JJB the other day, it wasn't out of any links or loyalty, just the fact that, from experience, they’ve the best major high street sport shop I've found.

I'm not saying they're brilliant, or running specialists, just for the average person who doesn't know a lot about running, you can get the basics, and a bit more, there - at reasonable prices.

I was planning to do a post looking at the full survey results from the Independent story - to see where any other sports shops came. Sadly, to see the full survey you have to pay to subscribe to Which?, which seems ironic.

So, I'm now doing my own - I've had a couple of suggestions via Facebook, and I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Where's good value? Who gives good advice? Which stores have the most attractive assistants? Who'll offer a good deal if you get two pairs?

Let me know about any of them, either via comments below, email, Twitter or Facebook, and I'll put together something on the results next week.

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