Drinky poos

So how do you mentally and physically prepare for an 11 mile run home from work?

I've no idea as I've never done it before, but I'm trying to take it easy (in the sense that I'm not dashing all over the building - I'm obviously working very hard!).

I've also got me some Lucozade powders to try out as I am an athlete.


These are a "sports recovery drink - carbohydrate and protein" and "hydrate - carbohydrate and sodium drink mix".

Sounds delicious.

There'a also a "body fuel" one, but it's all terribly confusing.

I'll mix up the "hydrate" one for sipping on the way, then guzzle the "recovery" one after (that seems to make sense to me, but there's no "instructions" or recommended use stuff on there, and I am pretty dumb) to see if they make any difference.

Of course, results of my experiment will be posted here - though I can't get any interweb goodness at home at the mo for some bizarre reason.

I'll try hitting it.

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