Home run

Think I've remembered all the stuff I need for my 11 mile run home tonight.

This takes an unexpected amount of planning as I know from experience I can't run with a bag, so I need to travel light as I'll be leaving stuff at work overnight (locked safely away in case there are any would be thieves with a penchant for council reports and broken biros reading this).

This is my first stab at it, so if all goes well, it will be a regular way of building up the miles.

I do have a few worries - at one point there's a bridge on a busy road with no footpath (hi viz gilet, check) and the need to cross a horrendously busy roundabout (earphones out methinks).

Other than that it's just the fact I'm still a bit sore and I'm still trying to get my diet and hydration sorted as I suspect that's behind a lot of my troubles lately.

Another slight fly in the ointment is the fact Ive got to sand all my skirting boards tonight - I imagine I'll have loads of energy left for that!

Speaking of which - time to refill the bottle...

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