Mid week shenanigans

Another mental milestone looms tonight – an 11 mile mid-week run.

That's the furthest I've attempted so far outside the warm embrace of a weekend.

As if to demonstrate my awesome progress as an athlete *cough* I was having another look at where I was at the equivalent time last year.

Eleven weeks out, 11 miles was my long run – and Thursday was but five little miles.

Am I wrong to find the recurance of 11 while writing this a little bit Number 23?

I need to plot where I'll run as I'm getting a bit bored of my route – I am a bit restricted by geography and lack of footpaths though, but I'll have a play today.

Also need to plot a 13 miler for Sunday in Bournemouth when I'm visiting relatives. Never been there before, so don't know the local roads.

I imagine them to be lined with pensioners, but that might just be me being small-minded...

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