Of tweets and men

Surely, by now, you've all heard of Twitter.

It's even been in the Daily Mail, and they hate change.

For those who don't understand, the easiest way to describe it is as like your status in Facebook - only quicker, and more interactive.

Saying that, despite having had an account in one form or another for 18 months, it's only today when I've started to follow the 2nd person I actually know in "real" life.

I don't know if that's because I'm mainly friends with technophobes (I work with a few, but that's a different story) but that still seems a bit lame.

I usually tweet* my latest blogposts, so it's another option for anyone stalking me - and actually seems a bit quicker that my RSS feed.

Also, you can link it to your Facebook account so it synchs your updates.

In the eyes of the media, it's 2009's Facebook, which was 2008's MySpace.

Wonder what 2010's new Twitter will be?

* Noun, to update twitter profile

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