Red noses and moral dilemmas

I wanted to describe my new feelings at having got a place in the London Marathon via the ballot as “glad”, but there's no escaping the fact that that would be something of an overstatement.

I still hate running, only this time, I also have the experience of last years race, so I know with absolute certainty it will be horrible.

With this in mind, my emotions headed in the direction of gladness, before turning down the familiar and well worn road of self-loathing and despair.

Why so almost glad? I hear you ask...

Well, I've realised that this year coincides with Red Nose Day.

It's only about a month before the marathon, so people will already feel well and truly tapped for what little money we have left in this country, without me trying to squeeze more out of them to reach an astronomical target for a gold bond charity place.

I can see why 3 chickens is wondering whether it's worth running for a charity with a ballot place. He's raised tonnes for charity in the past from lots of runs, so he's earned the right to a break.

It's a bit of a moral dilema, but I think I'm happy with my own decisions.

Even though I've got the chance to do the same I'm not going to.

I see the ballot as a chance to do something for a little charity, that normally wouldn't get a look-in for a massive event like this.

A charity where even a few hundred quid would make a difference.

I'm still going to do a few things to try to raise money, but not with the pressure I had last year. Sod's law I'll raise more than I did then, but that's the universe's way of keeping me on my toes.

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