Sicknote from Phil's Mom

Dear blogreader,

I'm sorry Phil hasn't been blogging recently but he has not been very well.

It started at 4 o'clock on Thursday morning when he woke up and complained of a funny tummy.

Shortly afterwards he went to the bathroom for quite some time and when he came back said that "that wasn't fun", before collapsing into bed.

At first I thought he was being over dramatic, but when he did the same again shortly after, I realised something was amiss.

After letting school know he wouldn't be in, he spent much of the day expelling his bodyweight from himself in every way imaginable.

This went on for a few days, during which time any attempt to eat resulted in seeing it again shortly afterwards.

We got him some medicine from the doctor to help him keep food down and stop himself from dehydrating and this began to take effect yesterday.

It isn't just school he missed. He's also missed out on a trip to the coast for one of his best friends birthday parties, and therefore hasn't been able to enjoy the jelly and ice-cream he was looking forward to.

He did offer to do some of his classwork from home, but unfortunately, the wireless doesn't work in the bathroom, where he's spent most of the last few days.

He seems better today, though still can't eat very much.

He promises to catch up on his homework, but given he's lost 7lb in four days, he might not be back on track for a few days.

Yours sincerely,

Phil's mom*

*Obviously this isn't you mom, but in my still slightly woosy head, this sounded funny.

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