Snow interruption

Complaining about how southerners deal with snow is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Shock, the roads are screwed, and no-one knows how to drive in the white stuff.

So, as this is my blog, lets make it about me.

Yesterday, I set off early to get to work, dug out the car, and began tootling off. Got all of a mile, to the bridge over the Thames by me, when I hit the first obstacle.

Someone had slowed down too much to get up the bridge, so they were just spinning and going nowhere. Now, I'm from the north, so I found it weird people were just sat in their cars watching. In my head, I can't get anywhere til he's out of the way, so pure self-interest dictates I need to get him moving.

Basic common humanity too, but I'm perfectly aware there are a lot of southerners reading this.

So, I got out of the car, walked to the back of his car and my gesture shamed a couple more guys in the queue to do the same. After a bit of swerving, we got him over, then it was the next guys turn. Same happened, though we were ready this time, and we got him over too.

Then it was my turn.

I will admit a shadow of doubt did cross my mind as I feared my time down south had numbed my northern skills.

But, with the eyes of a thousand Yorkshire ancestors watching me, I found my biting point and released the handbrake.

Treacherous - there's no other way to describe the road surface than that.

Yet, despite the weight of expectation a row of traffic, I skilfully manoeuvred the yellow Mini over the bridge using the tried-and-tested "wiggly sideways steering" technique.

I could tell everyone was impressed as no-one came over the bridge after me. I'm guessing they were in awe.

Anyway, got to the bit where I get out for the bus, and I jumped out.

Though it wasn't a proper jump, as it was pretty slippery.

After walking to the bus stop I then remembered that I'd just heard all the buses were cancelled.


So, I hitched up my bag, and strode manfully towards work – a mere 5 miles away.

It was weird as at several points I was tempted to break into a run.

I obviously didn't as it was several inches deep with snow and I'd just have fallen and hurt myself.

So, whilst tomorrows run might be postponed unless the ice has melted, I've at least added a bit to my weekly total already!


  1. You should have run! I am not too far away from you so had similar weather conditions yesterday but still saw a couple of hardy runners in the snow. I think they were from the "I have a schedule and I sure as hell am going to stick to it" brigade.

    I also have a schedule but am flexible enough to know that running in snow and ice may have a significant impact on my ability to complete any further training after I break my ankle.

    I have decided not to blog my training so I hope you don't mind if I just follow yours instead.

  2. Didn't have one scheduled for yesterday, but do tonight.

    Given the appalling state of footpaths around by me even when it hasn't snowed, I am a bit wary of doing myself a mischief.

    Will rigorously appraise local road conditions on the way home. I don't want to miss a run, but don't want a leg to fall off...

    Decisions, decisions...

    Follow away! That's what I'm doing this for!