Playing with my imaginary friends

The lack of working internet at home is both a blessing and a curse.

On the plus side, it means I don't get distracted by the urge to browse for anything that pops into my head, so I can get on with the many things I need to get done at home – painting, sanding, furniture assembly etc.

On the down side, it means I have to get on with the many things I need to get done at home – painting, sanding, furniture assembly etc.

Another negative is the fact I can't keep update this blog, and lose track of what others are up to.

The web is almost becoming my training partner – I can chat to other marathoners about how they're doing, and get a boost from not feeling like I'm doing it alone.

It's also a good to find out about some of the things you go through during your training, to make sure it's normal and to see what you can do to fix it. The FLM forums on Runners World have been a great source of ideas, especially about nutrition and hydration – the two things I really need to get sorted to make sure my training physically prepares me for 26.2 miles around London.

But, there's also a lot of snake oil out there – promising short cuts and “easy ways” to get around the marathon.

Sadly, these are just pie in the sky - believe me, if there was an easy way to do this, I'd be doing it!

Having completed last year's marathon, I learned a lot, and I've done a lot more research for my training this time, but there are guys and gals out there who know much more, and if they're online, they're probably happy to give advice.

My main piece of advice would still be: don't do it.

It hurts, it consumes your life, and it hurts.


  1. Hey, I'm starting to worry about you! If you carry on like this you're not going to enjoy this year's any more than last year and really, if you're not going to enjoy it why bother?
    What you need is some positive thinking... you're doing an amazing thing and you should be proud of yourself. Are you raising any money for charity?

  2. You've got absolutely nothing to worry about - I'm from Yorkshire so thrive on the negatives!
    I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment at having done it, and I'm looking forward to doing better than before - ie not damaging both my legs for 6 moths afterwards.
    Throw in the charity I'm running for and the fact I'm determined to show my body it can do this, and I'm all set!