Work rest and play

Hard week at work, which has seen lull on blogging, is over.

To celebrate I'm having a few beers.

Made me realise I've been tee-total for ages now as been focussing on whatever run i've got on the morning.

Four day weekend plus taper town means I can actually have a drink tonight for first time in about 6 weeks.

Guessing i'll be a cheap date!
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  1. BEERS???? Blimey. I've taken the pledge until 27th April. Have a good chill, and don't overdo it (I'm guessing you still have a short "long" run to do this weekend?)

  2. managed all of 2 pints and 2 bottles before I was nodding off - lightweight!

    prob not helped by getting up at 5 yesterday morning!

    Did manage to sleep til 8am though which is my longest sleep since I ran last years marathon!