Virgin London Marathon: Less than 300 days to go!

So, as I'm sure you're all aware, last Monday was the landmark '300 days until the London Marathon' - is everyone ready?


Oh dear...

I appreciate I'm in something of a minority knowing I'll be running next year already - the joys of knee injury - when the ballot isn't for a few more months. But, given I'm still not running at the mo, it is tricky to keep focussed so I'm clasping at whatever landmarks I can!

Yeah, counting down the days in hundreds rather than the panic of realising it is "only four weeks" I've had for the last couple of years is somewhat lame, but in theory it'll help me get some miles under my belt once my knees up to it.

I've had my last session in the weird knee classes, and have one more consultation to check it's ok next week.

Before then I need to get some short runs (couple of miles) under my belt to see how the knee copes.

Then, if everythings ok, it's time to get the trainers on and see what damage not running for three months has done to my already-not-exactly-brilliant running ability!

Hopefully the cycling has helped keep the overall fitness up, so it won't be too much of a shock to the system to get out there again.

Though, after two winters of training for an April marathon, it will be weird running in the light!

+++ Update +++

Halfords have just sent me an email apologising for a) the service and b) having to wait so long for a reply - which is nice.

Not sure if this is down to this post, my tweet on it or the fact they've genuinely only just got round to dealing with it.

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