Getting motivated for training

Being a pain in the arse kind of bloke, no-one ever knows what to get me for my birthday.

Thankfully this usually results in lots of book vouchers and my 30th this year was no exception!

In a rare example of me trying to be helpful, I decided to make a list of books I fancied so people wouldn't complain at me. Predictably, I didn't get any of them, so, armed with vouchers I hit the bookshops.

Top of the list, and the first one I've read, was Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know, the autobiography of Ranulph Fiennes.

I've always admired the little I've known about him - polar explorer, seven marathons in seven days on seven continents, amputating own mummified fingers in the shed - but reading more about him, and the challenges he's faced, put my own issues into perspective.

The almost humble, matter-of-fact way he writes is quite alarming at times, especially describing deaths of others attempting similar challenges. But this shows his focus and determination which helped him achieve so much.

He even has tips for endurance running - jogging for two and a half hours every other day, no more than three days apart.

Five of his seven marathons in seven days were quicker than my injured attempt in 2008.

This, from a man more than twice my age.

So, eager to make use of this fresh inspiration, I'm working away at a serious plan to get the running going properly.

Any thoughts of other adventures are being suppressed as recent form suggests I would doubtless lose several limbs at the very least.


  1. Ranulph Fiennes book is indeed a brilliant inspirational book. I finished that being proud to come from the same country as a man that dedicated to pushing himself and the boundaries of endurance. And it certainly does put any issues I have had whilst training for marathons in perspective. Have you read The Barefoot Runner, the story of Abebe Bikila? Another quite astonishing story of a man overcoming incredible obstacles to change the way the whole world viewed distance running.

    Good luck with your training.

  2. @ TheRedSquirrel - Barefoot is on my 'to get' list - been recommended by a fair few people.

    Hopefully it'll be another useful source of inspiration to fend off the inevitable dips in motivation!

  3. Also would highly, highly recommened 'Survival of the Fittest' by Dr Mike Stroud, who's the chap who accompanied Fieness on his expeditions. Well written and genuinly interesting.