Half marathon?

I was supposed to book a place in the Reading Half marathon as preparation for the main event, so I was ready for the atmosphere/confusion of a race.

Sadly, it's now full. Bum.

I have managed to find the Wokingham half marathon, which isn't a million miles from me, and comes on a training day when I'm supposed to be doing 12 miles anyway.

Should I go for it?

In the "yes" column is the fact I need the experience, and it'd be a good goal for me to aim for.

In the "no" column is the inescapable fact that I'm not very good at this running wheeze.

Would finishing in the last group of stragglers really do much for my morale? Or, even worse, what if I end up being picked up by the sweeper coach because I'm not going fast enough? Could I take that kind of humiliation?

I'm not sure.

Will keep pondering my options and make a decision by the end of the week. By saying that on here I've now forced myself to make a decision either way! Any thoughts?

++ UPDATE ++

The damn thing's full anyway! That decision's made for me then!

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