Did a different route for last night's 4-miler as the Thames was on flood watch so the normal one could have turned into a swim.

I might as well have gone for a swim as it was heaving it down, and the combination of rain, wind, puddles and lorries spraying me made for a thoroughly damp experience. And not in a good way.

I felt like a trawlerman at some points where the giant puddles on the road were transferred onto me thanks to the traffic (a red Astra, license plate starting GE54 almost got a brick thrown at it - had a brick been to hand!).

You'd have thought once someone drove through it and the water was sent 10 feet away, there would be nothing left in there for them to get me with - but no! There was at least 3 gazillion gallons to be deposited on me!

Amazingly my plucky Sony Ericsson W910i (blatant plug in hope of support!) survived the deluge, and kept me going with the strangely-satisfying-to-run-to Queen - Greatest hits.

It was only the second time I've run in the wet, as it were, so can't really complain. I got it done in respectable time and may even have helped break the trainers in a bit better!

Clouds/silver lining - doesn't sound like me does it?

Think this running lark is messing with my mental state. Back to work now, so the bitterness should return soon!

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