Stat porn

As well as my main site Phil runs London, I've now embedded the necessary code into this blog so I can see what's going on, thanks to the good people at StatCounter.

In other words, on the pages, there's a little invisible gizmo that logs how many people come to the page, and if they've been there before.

So, one week into this, here's the stats for the last week:

Page loads: 58
Unique visitors: 46
First time: 24
Returning: 22

Page loads: 150
Unique visitors: 50
First time: 25
Returning: 25

The cause:
Funds raised online: £125
Funds raised offline: £0
Total funds raised: £145

Page loads for the blog look healthy, but then that's updated more frequently. The rest of the figures are about the same for each.

The peak was on Friday when I blogged three times - backing up the idea that the more I write, the higher the volume of traffic.

I'll do my best to update put more stuff on - though my boss knows about this site so I might have to do some jiggery pokery so it looks like I haven't done them at work!

Boss, if you're reading this, that was a joke - I'm in fact incredibly busy doing whatever it is I'm paid to do (no-one has ever really made it clear!).

On the downside, the fundraising figure isn't moving, so whilst people might be reading it, they're not following through with the moolah.

You heartless dogs.

I hope you're ashamed of yourself.

And your parents are ashamed of you.

And your other halves.

And any children/pets you have are embarrassed to know you.

I'm not doing this for fun you know! I can't remember the last time I woke up not aching. And you just sit there, reading this thinking "dance monkey, dance" and laughing like a Bond villain!

Well, for your own sake I hope that whatever remains of your bitter, shrivelled heart eventually musters up the compassion to take the trouble of pointing your mouse and pressing the button on one of the gazillion links I've posted to my donating page (there's another one! Go on, click it - it will make you a better person than all your friends!).

Right, thats enough emotional blackmail, I'm off to pretend I'm working whilst mulling over the subject of my next entry. Post ideas/suggestions in the comments section (you can do this anonymously without a Blogger account, because I'm nice like that).

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