Where's the last week gone?

How have I not blogged in almost a week?

Sorry chaps and chapesses! I know you're all out there hanging on my every word, so I've failed in my role of teller of tales from the road.

Anyway, what's new...

Well my feet and knees are killing, but it turns out that's not from the running, it's from the normal shoes I've been wearing. I somehow managed to kill two pairs (lost the heel on one, split the stitching on the other) so I'm wearing some casual ones a lot more.

Unfortunately, these are a bit weird and they've completely ragged my ankles, soles and knees.

Tried to get some replacements at the weekend, ubt only found two pairs, and they didn't have my size in either. Well, for one they dort of had half my size, as the display shoe was a 9. They just couldn't find the other.

Now I know some of you might think "that's ridiculous, how can you lose a shoe", but having spent a time subsidising my meagre income as a student working in a shoe shop, I fully understand how easily it can be done.

The age old "throw the shoe and whoever it hits is 'it,'" was a popular past time. As was hiding the other shoe when someone you worked with who you didn't like was serving someone.

Also, climbing around the stockroom, trying not to touch the floor could lead to boxes being toppled as you looked for a foothold, and the ensuing crash to the ground often sent shoes flying under shelves, behind boxes etc.

So the frolicks of some adolescent schoolboy, probably trying to impress one of his female co-workers in a somewhat misconceived display of bravado mean I'm in pain.

Though that's not strictly true.

My own stupidinty in signing up for this means I'm almost constantly in pain.

And what have I got to show for it?

So far - £155!!

You bunch of skinflints!

So it's really your fault I'm miserable.

I hope you're happy.

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