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I know you're all dying to know the results of my last poll, so, not wanting to keep you in suspenders any longer, here you go:

The question was:

How long will it take Phil to complete the London Marathon?

Less than 2 hours 13%
2-3 hours 13%
3-4 hours 13%
4-5 hours 50%
More than 5 hours 0
Other 13%

So most of you think I'm not going to hit my target of a sub 4 hours.

Thirteen per cent (well 12.5 per cent, but rounding up means there's a chance to encourage the pedants to post comments as it doesn't add up to 100 per cent!) think I will run it in world record time.

Thirteen per cent of you think I'll get in the 3-4 hour time - thats the hope!

Another 13 per cent think I'll be pushing for the UK record with between 2-3 hours, and the remaining 13 per cent I will run it in something other than these times.

Now, seeing that I listed everything possibly over an hour, that means, 13 per cent think I will run it in under an hour!

A car can't do 26.2 miles around London in an hour!

So, whoever voted for that one, think about what you've done, and for the time being, we'll put it down to accidentally clicking the wrong button.

New poll coming soon, keep checking...

New poll

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