Training Plan

Following on from the revelation that I need a training plan, I've now got one. I spent all of some time putting this together, so no doubt it'll have me leaving Radcliffe et al eating my dust.

It's a Google spreadsheet, so you may need a Google Account to open it. I don't know. I've got one and it works for me.

I've hyperlinked most of the commonly recurring distances (5, 6, 7 and 8 miles) to the routes I'm doing at the mo. Some of the later ones may change as I get bored avoiding geese.

Anyway, having completed this, I began to think that I've now got nothing left to procrastinate over so just need to get out there and run this thing.

Then I did the weekly total.

Then, stupidly, I did the overall total!

372 miles!!!!

Thats the distance from my house to Roberton in the Scottish Borders!

When I started this, one of the comforts I afforded myself was the idea that if I hit my fundraising target of £2,000, that'd work out at £76.34 per mile of the marathon. Pretty respectable.

Now, adding to that the 372 miles of training, it means each mile I grudgingly traipse is only worth £5.03!

That's hardly inspiring, so that leaves me with 3 options:
  1. Don't do any training
  2. Increase my fundraising target to £30,383.32
  3. Chill out about it.
Now, the 1st is tempting, but probably not wise; the 2nd would rock, though I'm dubious as to it's likely success; and, the 3rd is the most obvious choice, but the fact I've written so much about it already indicates it'd be difficult.


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