Geese and greetings

After a disappointing attempt on fri, I nailed my 6-miler this morning, which felt good. Still having a little bit of a prob with the bleeding toe, and rubbing by new trainers, but thought I'd spare you the pics this time!

Instead, seeing as it was one of the few occasions when it was light when I was out, I took some pics!

Here are some gooses on the river. This is wonky because I couldn't be bothered to rotate it. And, at the end of the day, it's geese. They've got feathers, don't have as good PR as swans, they make a funny noise and they all look pretty much the same.

And here's the muddy path I repeatedly slip on, nearly falling into the river!

As the churned up path would suggest, I'm not the only one who uses this stretch. There were quite a few joggers out this morning. Thankfully they were all going the opposite way to me so I didn't have to endure the embarassment of being overtaken by a 50 year-old man who weighs less then my leg.

Now as I'm new to this whole exercise/running thing, I'm not quite sure of the ettiquette involved. One chap nodded to me in a manly way (which I cheerfully returned). A couple of people said hello. But because I was plugged into my phone enjoying the inspiring guitar breaks of Matt Bellamy, I didn't really hear, so either grunted or ended up saying "hello" a bit louder than is probably considered polite. They probably think I'm a mentalist.

So, if you see me out there, I'm gonna go with the manly nod, so don't be offended if I don't return your cheery greetings.

It's not because I don't like you!

It's because I'm probably in pain and not enjoying myself.

Peace out

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