can you get sat nav for legs?

Was only down for a 4 miler this morning, but ended up doing a 5 as I forgot what I was doing, and I'm in a strange place in my training where adding an extra half mile to the outward part doesn't seem daunting.

Writing that last bit terrified me - am I actually getting "not awful" at this?

I guess I need to - the marathon aint gonna run itself after all.

But just thinking back a few weeks, the thought of potentially adding an extra mile because I couldn't remember my distance marker would have made me curl up in a ball at the side of the road and hope to be eaten by a strange new breed of killer heron.

Today it was like "well, if you're wrong, it's only an extra mile". Where's the killer heron gone?! Probably gorging on orhans somewhere, as they is there way.

On the flip side, if I can't remember how far 4 miles is, how the hell am I gonna remember 11 tomorrow!

It's on my training plan, but it's one of the distances that doesn't have a link to a map for you to see where I am.

That's mainly because I can't actually think where I'm going to run for 11 miles.

It has been good having pre-planned routes - just have a squizz at the sheet, get my gear on and I'm off.

Now I need to think of somewhere that's 11 miles - not a nice 3, 4, or 5 - and as a result, I'm procrastinating like mad.

Accidentally doing an extra mile is fine (what's happened to me?!), but running more than twice what I inadvertently did today, and almost 3 times what I should have done (oh god, why did I do that bit or mental arithmetic!) is like being punched in the guts by a small child - it can hurt, but you can't really do anything about it (you can't really punch a toddler!).

So, I'm off to play on with maps to work out what I'm doing...


Just worked out my 11 miler.

How I won't get lost, I have no idea!

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