That was horrible...

This morning was possibly the worst run of my life.

Not that I've done much running prior to this little jape, but still, it was not pleasant and I'm struggling to see how anyone can even pretend to do this for pleasure!

This morning was a 14 mile lesson in how not to do it.

I'd forgotten to charge my phone, so couldn't listen to any bangin' tunes or DJ sets, or dirty dancefloors...

Also, turns out you need more than 500ml of energy drink thingy to keep you going that long.

And as for the state of my stomach, you really don't want to know!

Anyway, I've learned some things, forgotten some things, and generally had a bit of a crap one.

Now I'm off to Wales tomorrow where I need to do a 6 and 8 miler. Can't imagine it being too hilly in the Berwyn Mountains!

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