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Sorry I've been lame updating this last week or so - work's gone mad!

Main news is I've at last, after much more effort than you'd have thought necessary, been able to find a high street sports shop that sells high viz tops.

After several weeks of struggling with the lack of footpaths on local roads, and nearly being run over by all manner of vehicles (including a mobility buggy - I kid you not!), I decided I would become one of those people who run in ridiculous fluorescent gear.

Having taken this brave first step, my next issue was buying one.

Fortunately, I've never been someone with friends who frequent high street sports shops, so I was quite confident no-one would see me going into my local high street sports retailer.

The only problem was, when I visited JD Sports, they don't actually sell much sporting stuff. A lot of clothes, but none I'd wear, and not a lot suitable for running.

After searching all the sports shops in Kingston, Hounslow, Uxbridge and other random places, it was with heavy heart that I trudged into JJB's in Staines.

Yet to my utter, misplaced, delight , they had an array of ridiculous hi viz bits at a bargain price!

Bought myself one of the gillet things as I'm not very good at running with stuff with sleeves on - my Flora London Marathon training jacket gets right on my tits despite weighing about the same as a packet of crisps.

Obviously I look like a deranged idiot wearing it, but by implication, that means people can see me which is an improvement. And my chances of death by dumbass driver have dropped markedly.

So, muchos kudos to JJB - the only high street sports retailer who thinks it might be good for runners not to be mown down by traffic!

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