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As time marches onwards to the day of the run, I'm gonna try to focus a bit more of my waning energy on raising money for Asthma UK.

I'm already tapping work colleagues for sponsorship, but need to explore new ideas.

With that in mind, I'm using this week's poll to try to get some ideas from you! Well, you didn't think I was doing this just to entertain you did you?

The obvious things are some kind of cake sale at work (they love their cakes here) or ridiculing myself in some way, such as shaving my legs. Not quite sure how the latter raises money, but I've heard of it being done, and I'm a game old chap.

Now I'm sure you can think of more humiliating things I can do to raise funds so please feel free to add what you like (it's anonymous so unless it's something specific that can only be traced to you, there's no way I can get the retribution I would probably relish).

So, new poll is on the sidebar of the Phil Runs London site, with the question:

How should Phil raise some more money?
Cake sale?
Shaving his legs?


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