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As those of you who know me personally will be well aware, I am nothing, if not well-dressed.


It was in this spirit that last week I asked you, friends, colleagues, random interweb people, about the appropriate attire for running the marathon.

Here are the results...

Shorts 29%
Tight/legging things 14%
Other 57%

Now, because I made a mess of the question, there were two options for "other". One you clicked yourself, the other where you made suggestions.

Among the suggestions were "thong", and "mankini".

For reasons of public decency, I don't think I'd be allowed to run around London in a thong. And the potential chafing doesn't bear thinking about (and I'm not prepared to use vaseline for that!!).

As for the mankini - not on your life.

I am possibly the palest man in the world anyway, and if it's a slightly sunny day, the glare could be mistaken for some kind of elaborate terrorist plot to blind the population. Given the Met's reactions to an innocent Brazilian running through London was to shoot him repeatedly in the head, I don't think it would be wise for me to pursue that course.

Also, thankfully, as I am running for Asthma UK, I'll be wearing their vest thingy, so the mankini wouldn't work.

So it is with sheer delight that I am announcing I shall remain in shorts!

Much to the delight of the laydeez, and more men than I'm comfortable knowing about...

Watch this space for a new poll soon...

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