Essex blonde shouts out my name

Apparently I've just been "shouted out" to on the Capital Breakfast Show by the ever-Essex Denise van Outen.

Now, I'm normally at work from about 7.30 am and can't get the radio to work on this computer, and I'm also quite English, so I didn't really know what that meant when I was told.

Apparently, Essex's finest regularly "shouts out" (definition: greeting or acknowledgment of a person, group, or organisation of significance. It is often done as a sign of respect, synonymous with "giving props.") to people on the her show, and this morning wanted some marathoneers to "shout out" to.

My lovely other half took it upon herself to text in and I have subsequently been "shouted out" to/about/for (I have no idea how that works gramatically).

I'm strongly trying to resist the urge to make any jokes about the last time an Essex blonde shouted out my name.

As you can probably appreciate, that's quite difficult.

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  1. It was not just you unfortunately but also "The Washer".