Only, 24 hours from suffering

In less than 24 hours I'll be running the Flora London Marathon.

Kick off is 9:45, so it'll be somewhere around 10:00 by the time i cross the line, and probably another half an hour or so 'til I actually get running.

I'm on the red start (ie the massed runners) and won't join up with the other two starts until about mile 3. Since the other 2 starts are the elites, I don't imagine I'll be seeing much of them until I've crossed Tower Bridge around mile 13, and they're heading back from Canary Wharf on the other side of the road at mile 22.

That won't be depressing at all!

So It's around about half one at the mo. Theoretically I'll be somewhere around Docklands in 24 hours (if it were a straight run with no crowds from 9.45 and no dodgy knee, I'd hope to be well ahead of that!). That's the quiet bit they don't show much of on the telly as there's nothing there.
That's probably where I'll try to eat/drink as I'm still not able to do that whilst running and don't want to be seen choking to death on jelly babies by too large a crowd!

The fam are down and shall be along the route at some point, as will friends from work, and elsewhere. I wish they weren't as I have a strong feeling that I look ridiculous whilst running (it's no accident that there are no pics of me running on this blog!)

If you do see me at some point, be nice. I won't be enjoying myself.

In fact, pretend you don't know me! That'll be best for everyone involved I think.

right, got my playlist to sort out now. I'm tihnking Queen, Muse, Jimmy eat World and some early Rage Against the Machine to keep things moving along...

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