Like cake?

So I had a cake sale here at work t'other day, safe in the knowledge that colleagues love nothing more than a good muffin.

After a night spent furiously baking (that's frantically, not in an angry manner) I was incredibly chuffed with my wares. Also the generosity of friends and strangers alike in the building was pretty awesome, with many people donating their own creations for me to sell.

I'd teamed up with Debbie B who is running the marathon for Diabetes UK, though technically she's cheating as she's run 12 marathons before, as well as two as part of triathlons (nutter!).

The plan was to sell in my running kit to get a bit more mockery and sympathy to get donations.Sadly, late arriving tables, and a gannet-like rush at the start meant that didn't happen.

I did do about £150 in sales, and another £50 ish in sponsors though, so was well worth it.

Also, people in my team appreciated the few bits left over, though by late afternoon there was a collective groan when I offered people yet another piece of cake.