Eighteen sodding miles...

A little over an hour ago I stumbled home from my 18 miler.

This was originally scheduled for yesterday, but snow etc made me postpone.

The last mile was a bit of a blur, as I was really feeling it by then. I even started screaming at myself to keep going. It was probably meant to sound like "come on", but came out more like "mnnneeer"!

I apologise to the good people of Chertsey who had to see that. I assure you, I'm not a mentalist. At least not that kind.

I do, however, think I'm an absolute idiot for doing this - who in their right mind would do this for fun?!

It was horrible. I ache. There's bits of skin hanging off my foot (sorry, no pics). All for "charity".

Got to do it all again next Sunday, then get to taper down before the big day.

Off out shopping now, which I imagine will be interesting as I hobble slowly behind. At least I get to spend some time with my good lady who very kindly made me egg and bacon muffins when I got in!


We went to Guildford, which is only 15 miles from my house!

I could have run it and met her there!

Admittedly, I would have stank and been unable to talk, but would have been quicker. Not sure other shoppers would have appreciated it, but I could have struck up a few conversations to try to get more sponsorship!

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