The good, the bad, and the ugly...

Good news is the eight miler last night went pretty well. Managed it non stop, and even had some juice left for the last couple of miles to get the pace moving up! Weird...

Bad news, I ache like mad (no surprise there then!) despite stretching for what seemed like an eternity.

Ugly - the red sore blister on the arch of my right foot! It's a beaut, but pretty painful.

I'm doing all the things you do to try to get blisters sorted, but I'm not sure the other half's idea of a trip to Bluewater is the best idea.

Still, we do these things for the people in our lives and it gets me out of the house so I shall try to "enjoy" myself!

Got the pleasant five-miler tomorrow, before the somewhat daunting prospect of 18 miles on Sunday. Add to this, the chances of "heavy snow" (according to the BBC Weather site yesterday) and Sunday should be one of the lease pleasant days of my life! So thats something to look forward to!

Messages of support, mockery and general banter are, as always, welcomed!

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