Lets get this party started

Ok, been to have the leg checked and, despite the nurse not liking it because it still looks “angry” and it giving off a lot of heat, I've been ok'd to run.

Just gotta keep it dressed so it doesn't get full of muck, making the infection worse and then leaving me with the prospect of having to try to get a place in the wheelchair event.

Not that that would be a bad thing as it looks awesome, is quicker, and you get to sit down - which is one of my all time favourite things.

Was asked to go back Mon/Tues to check it again, but it turns out they don't have any appointments at all next week, so will try a walk in clinic and just hope no-one else suffers a similar hot-water-bottle-related injury in the local area in the next week or so, as it would appear they'd be screwed trying seeing anyone about it.

Aside from the fact I'm not entirely comfortable having anything that looks angry attached to me (face excepted), it looks like I'm all set to get rocking on this running lark again.

Oh bugger.

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