Slowly, slowly...

Catchee... something.

Got out tonight for what I expcted would only be a couple of miles as I'm still erring on the side of caution, but, like the phenomenal athlete we all know I really am, managed a whole 3.3 miles!

In your face, leg! (if that's not too anatomically incorrect).

It was a bit of a spur of the moment run. Not that I was sat watching tv then suddenly found myself legging it towards the river. I was on way home and just thought "I'll just try to get a couple of miles under my belt".

Got in, got kit, got key, got running.


Alright, it wasn't the quickest time of just over 8-minute miles, but I was consciously taking it relatively easy. Unlike last year when it took me ages to realise, it's dawned on me relatively quickly that I can actually keep running for a fairish amount of time if I don't overdo it.

So my short term aim is to build up the miles, without doing myself a mischief, then can start to address the utter lack of pace.

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