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Slight deviation from running for this post, as just somehow managed to publish a post I hadn't actually written anything on.

Made me realise that despite a slightly more it-literate background than a trained chimp, this is still a pretty basic set up.

After some pretty intense research, (ok, I Googled "Running blog") I found a few other examples.

Warrior Women came top and it looks pretty funky. Nice three column layout with some funky looking stuff on the side like Friendfeed (which I'm gonna have a proper look at to see if it's worth dabbling with). Nice graphics in the template too, which beats the pants off this.

I don't suppose the amazonian sounding name hurts the number of readers either, and I get the feeling there's some kind of womens empowered thing going on there, which is fair enough, but not really the kind of thing I could get away with.

A Runners Blog is, like mine, a blogger hosted one. Looks pretty simple, though for some reason it includes a review of running with a buggy (isn't it hard enough already?!) which even if got going now, wouldn't be legitimately possible before London next year.

Also, it's not updated particularly regularly, though there is a great big pic of the chap (Sean?) and lots of training programmes and updates which

Addicted to running is another not-too-often updated page, but seems well organised, and clearly (though hardly surprisingly) is more well informed about running than yours truly.

Will keep my eyes peeled for others, but I thought it'd be good to have a look at what else is going on out there.

Mostly it seems to be people who know what they're doing and who enjoy running - two categories I'm some way from falling into!

I'm not comparing this little corner of the blogosphere with anyone else, but it's good to see what others are doing.

I'm not really happy with the appearance of the blog, so I'm gonna spend a bit of time seeing what can be done. Will prob give it a splash of paint, and am considering pebbledashing the front, just to make it feel a bit more homely.

Ideas/suggestions welcomed!

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