Blogging kit

After my post about the appearance of the blog I thought it'd be an idea to introduce you to some of the kit I'm using to run this puppy.

First off, what am I writing this on?

Some of you might think that, being northern, I'm probably etching this onto a cave wall. Or, possible smearing my faeces onto leaves with a stick.

Oh how wrong you are!

And slightly racist.

Last time round I was using a HP tower that made so little impression on me I can't be bothered to check it's model name. Sadly, that passed away during the summer, after a popular mp3 player tried to kill me (battery went mad and blew the motherboard).

Some might say that that's a common reaction to knowing me, but I think that it should be limited to species capable of using cutlery.

So, I thought I'd be computerless for a while until I got a few quid for my birthday. One of the advantages of being this age (other than being young enough to listen to Xfm, but old enough to tut at "kids these days") is that no-one can think of what to buy you so you get cash instead.

With this I treated myself to an Acer Aspire One (Linpus edition) from Tesco (though paid more than in that link - bugger!).

It's pretty funky looking, tiny and does the basics - comes with FireFox and OpenOffice and I added Skype and the Gimp easily enough.

Only got 8Gb memory, but I'm not planning on using it for loads, and it takes a range of memory so can stick in another 8Gb or more easily enough.

Ideally I'll be using it to add pics from runs etc, but I've been using the Sony Ericsson w910i and it's fallen out with all computers for some reason, and the operating system has crashed a few times meaning I've lost loads of stuff from there.

That means I need to work out another way of getting pics on here. The Kodak Z650 I use is a bit too hefty to be lugged about on runs, so need some thought about how to resolve this.

I'm guessing it'll involve finding the funny adapting thingy for the memory card in my phone, but that will prob require looking for it, which is a pretty big ask for someone as lazy as me.

Though, thinking about it, that could be a way of changing the music I've had stuck on the phone for ages to have a bit more variety to the tracks I've been running to!

Cool, so not only is this blog a way of sharing my experience, it's a way for me to have arguments with myself that can resolve several issues I hadn't put under the same umbrella.

I don't actually have an umbrella, it's just a saying.

Don't get hung up on it.

I do not endorse running with an umbrella.

Unless, you want to.

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