Cracked it, sort of...

After more faffing around than a room full of mother-in-laws, I tonight got up to my base 5-miler!

This is pretty good because I freely admit I've been lame at getting going on this.

Now five miles aint much, comparatively speaking, but it's a significant landmark as last time round it took me a fair few runs to get up to that, running constantly, but it was like a revelation when I got there.

So hitting that so far in is like finding a tenner in your jeans before you put them in the wash.

I very nearly, once again, fobbed it off, as it's been a mad day at work. But, walking the mile or so from the station home I found that head space I rely on that gives me the proverbial kick in the ass.

So got in, got changed, got out.

Took it nice and easy, though prob too easy as I averaged 8:42 miles, which is pants. On the plus side I had near perfect halfway splits. which is a good as it means I'm not overdoing it too early to knacker myself out.

Need to keep finding that head space for a bit as despite the will to do well this time, there's the reality that it's still just shy of 26 weeks to go and "there's always next week". So, if you see me, pester me, kick me, mock me, whatever, as I need a kick up the arse.

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