This aint no walk in the park

Just been out for a 4-miler and I'm still struggling to get going properly.

I've not forgotten how to start running - it's essentially walking, but your legs move quicker - but I'm jsut not getting into the running properly, and it's a real chore, even though it's not actually tiring.

When I first found out I'd got into the marathon next year I got up to 5 miles again relatively quickly, but after a bit of a break, I've completely lost it.

Not in the "committed to asylum, stir up inmates, end up smothered to death by a pillow attached to the end of a massive Indian" way, more a "can't find my running mojo" way.

Which is probably preferable, once you think about it.

I don't know if it's new trainers, running in trackie bottoms, or the fact I've only got one song to listen to on m phone*, but I just can't seem to get the consistent pace at low miles.

It's prob more likely my general unfitness and lack of motivation, but blaming other things is much easier on my fragile ego.

Just gotta try powering through, and hope it picks up again soon, otherwise, these next 20 odd weeks are gonna be even more hellish than they would be anyway.

So, rest tomorrow, then try again on Friday.

*Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger - I know that puppy word for word now. It's deep...

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