I hate running

It's amazing how an eight mile run brings it all back.

No proper footpath, being run off the road by cars, slipping through mud, being chased by dogs, stitches, phone calls from window salesmen... why do people actually do this for fun?

Don't they have a TV?

And what is it with people not understanding the concept of indicators? When you turn into a junction, you indicate, so as to "indicate" to road users and pedestrians where you're going, and not scare the bejesus out of them (Volvo v40 driver - you know who you are!).

Equally, if you are approaching a junction indicating, then other road users and pedestrians will probably assume you are about to perform a turning manoeuvre and wait for you to turn. They do not expect you to keep rattling past (Escort van man, you know who you are).

Anyway, I've completed my longest run to date, which - from training point of view at least - went ok.

So, that's good.

But my hatred of everything continues unabated.