Marathon training for simpletons – revisited

Ask anyone who knows me and they'll confirm I'm nothing if not eager to make people happy.

They'll also tell you I'm full of happiness, love, and the milk of human kindness.

That's because if they didn't, they know I'd make their lives miserable.

Because I'm so eager to please, I've updated the Marathon Running for Simpletons mini-series with all the necessary links.

Why, do you ask, have I been labouring so hard?

Well, I checked my visitor stats, and a lot of people were coming in on the first part, then going to the search function as the info they needed wasn't easy to find.

Unlike a regular website, this blog doesn't have sections and drop down menus to organise the info on here.

That's because I wrote it organically, so only tended to link back to post I'd already written.

This is a good thing as it makes it a truer reflection of the journey I'm going on to get to the end of the Mall, but is limiting if people are just dropping in, and don't actually know - or care about - me.

I could spend time and effort making it more like a normal website, and messing around with the innards, but I'm not a script monkey so it would probably take ages, and there's a high likelihood it would break.

I've now gone back to the beginning to link through to posts that appeared later, so it's easier to find more specific info.

It's quite worrying that people are coming here for information on marathon running, as I'm no expert - just a bloke who's done it before and knows it's immensely difficult.

So if you just happen to be popping in to see what advice I have, here it is in a nutshell - don't do it, it's horrible!

Not sure what thet'll do for my visitor stats, but I'm nothing if not honest.

Ask anyone who knows me...