I know Which? sports shop I prefer

I saw this story in the Independent on a report by Which? and it reminded me of the fun and games I had trying to find a hi-viz vest last year.

I have to agree JD Sports are crap, but at least JJB had something I wanted.

When I went to get new trainers I tried SportsDirect and asked the girl if they had anything with neutral cushioning for supinators and she ran away.

It's JJB I'm keeping an eye on for the trainers I'll be doing the marathon in, as they're the most runner-friendly major high street chain I've been able to find.

I've not yet had to ask for in-depth advice, but I'd trust them to know a bit more, or at least find someone in the shop who knows, than JD Sports.

If I were totally flush with cash I'd be probably be going to Sweatshop, but I'm not, so am making do the high street way.