Mixed weekend

Had a couple of runs this weekend - a 6 miler on sat, and a just shy of a five this morning.

Both were nice earlyish morning runs, and the route looked stunning. Took a few snaps to remind myself that there are definitely worse areas in the world.

The Saturday run was meant to be shorter, but I was feeling good so decided to crack on a bit.

Typically, fate wasn't having any of that so made my right calf tweak, so the plan for a longer one on Sunday didn't happen as I was still feeling it and didn't want to do myself any more damage than strictly necessary.

I was wondering if my age meant I'm more susceptible to injury, but then I remembered the universe hates me, so it would have happened even if I was 18.

It's typical it happened when I was just starting to find my rhythm.

Saturday was also weird as it was freezing, and snowing at times. Can't remember if it snowed while I was actually running last year, but it was certainly different.

This weekend was also the first time I've worn a baseball hat. My hair looks nuts first thing in the morning, and I could have caused a crash if a passing motorist saw me, so I dug out a hat and ran in that. Never done that before, but seemed to work. My head didn't fall off, and no-one seemed to veer off the road into a tree, so will bear that one in mind in future.