Procrastination or self-preservation?

I gave my planned run last night a miss as my calf was still a bit sore fom the weekend and I don't want to do myself a mischief.

At least that's what I told myself.

My calf is sore, and after last year I'm determined to get through this as injury free as possible, but as I was trying to get to sleep last night I couldn't help wondering how much of it is in my head.

Now I'm painfully aware that trying to be a hero and plough through can be counter-productive, but the delay in getting the training going properly has made me anxious.

The other night I blogged about the fact I'm doing twice what I was last time, and that cheered me up as it told me I'm getting better prepared, but I also know that there's a risk I'll be complacent with it.

It's like a part of me is still thinking: "You don't need to worry, you've done it before you'll be fine".
Is it weird that it's usually saying that in a sort of Belgian accent? I digress...

So I'm trying to get the balance right between:
  • trying to catch up with where I hoped I'd be;
  • trying not to get injured;
  • not being complacent; and
  • finding the time to do what I want.
I've thrown in the latter as work is a bit mad at the moment.

We've now started timesheeting so my habit of consistently working stupidly long days (I basically gave an extra day and a half last week for nothing) is at least being noted.

I'll never get overtime, but should be forced to actually take some of my flexitime.

That'll be weird as I don't actually mind the hours - I work as long as it takes to get things done, and I do actually quite like my job, so I don't begrudge it.

But, from the running point of view, getting home an hour or so earlier, even only a couple of days a week, will make the training much easier.

If I just try to change some of the focus I have for work towards the training, then I would probably be able to sort out the rest too.

But it's getting that balance which I need to work on, which is easier said than,

Especially with an evil Belgian conscience to contend with.