Stalk me...

Because bookmarking a page and checking it every so often can be quite difficult for some people, I've also added a dazzling array of options to make it even easier to follow my progress.
  • Facebook - add me as a friend or join the Phil Runs London group
  • Twitter - follow me on twitter (profile id is philrunslondon) where I tweet regularly.
  • Email subscription - simply enter your email into the box on the right of this blog, verify it's you, then you can get regular updates in your inbox.
  • RSS - for those with readers like Google Reader, My Yahoo, Newsfire etc or use Firefox live bookmarks.
I'm sure I've missed some, but if you can't use at least one of the above, then you probably shouldn't be allowed near a computer, so you won't even be reading this email!

So, stay tuned, and enjoy my suffering as I once again take on the mean streets of London.