Training/work/life balance – 1-0 work?

So, you spend ages putting together a highly scientific* and personally tailored training schedule, and are raring** to rock on with the first run, when you suddenly find out the night you want to do it, you've got an evening meeting at work.

Not just working an extra couple of hours, but an actual meeting that doesn't kick off until 7:30pm. And it could go on for a couple of hours.

Now, running in the evenings is ok – I find it easier than mornings for some reason – but I don't fancy spending 14 hours at work, then half an hour getting home, then going for a 7 mile run.

I know, I know. I'm being awkward. But it just isn't my cup of tea.

I don't want to go squiffy on the schedule so early, so I am plotting a potential run at work - around the time everyone else is buggering off home. There's a measured mile in the park next to the building I'm in, so seven loops of that and the jobs a good one!

Thankfully there are showers at work, so I can freshen up before the meeting, and will hopefully avoid the “no-one sitting next to me” issue.

Just need to remember to take kit and shower stuff with me in the morning, otherwise I will be behind before I've even started.

* I have a BSc. so am a proper scientist.
** This claim may be a slight exaggeration